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Choose your ideal in-person payment companion: The versatile Swwipe Pinpad or the all-in-one Swwipe Android POS.

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Swwipe Pinpad

The pocket friendly Swwipe Pinpad allows you receive card payments easily with your smartphone. With swift card transactions, PIN encryption, and unmatched durability, the Swwipe Pinpad is your ultimate secure payment companion. It costs just N15,000 and is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Installment payments allowed.

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Swwipe Android POS

Take control of all your transactions on only the Swwipe Android POS. Don’t want to connect on the Swwipe app from your phone? Be one of the first people to use the Swwipe Android POS where you have an already installed Swwipe app on an Android POS Terminal. Installment payments allowed.

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Discover more ways to sell, both online and in-person

Start selling with your phone

Start accepting contactless payments with the Swwipe app in 3 minutes. No extra hardware is needed — just your NFC-enabled smartphone.

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Sell with phone

Start selling online

Integrate a personalized payment gateway on your business’s website to accept online payment via Bank transfers, USSD and Card.

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