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Quick and Secure Contactless Payments With Your Phone

Turn your NFC-enabled smartphone into a contactless payment device with our app. No need for extra hardware.

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Start accepting payments in just 3 minutes

Why wait another day? Every moment you spend waiting could be a missed opportunity to connect with your potential customers.

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Be as fluid as your customers, and sell anywhere

Meet your customers wherever they are, whether it’s at their doorsteps, in a crowded event, or at a bustling marketplace. Seize every pop-up opportunity as they come, and sell on the go.

Scale your business, and reach more customers with less

Expand your fleet of payment devices by leveraging a single app that is certified once and deployed across multiple devices — smartphones and tablets. Skip the substantial upfront investments, and scale with less.

Your customers will love our contactless payment solution

Faster transaction
Your customers will love the swift checkout process, allowing them to get on with their day.
Reduced wait time
Cut down on wait time, and experience the ease of quicker transactions.
Convenient and easy
A payment experience that reduces friction, and ensures every interaction is smooth.

Discover more ways to sell, both online and in-person

Start selling with a terminal

Boost your card payment experience with the versatile Swwipe PinPad or the all-in-one Swwipe Android POS Terminal.

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Swwipe Terminals

Start selling online

Integrate a personalized payment gateway on your business’s website to accept online payment via Bank transfers, USSD and Card.

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Swwipe payment Options

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The future of mobile-first payments

Multiple payment opportunities, one device — your smartphone.

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